Beautiful means functional and efficient from the ground up.

When U.S. soldiers came to establish Fort Smith in 1817, this rock shelf, carved out by the Arkansas and Poteau Rivers, is where they touched shore. The French explorers of the Louisiana Purchase had named this beautiful place at the confluence of the two rivers “Belle Point,” a piece of ground as functional and efficient as it was scenic! Our business office is adjacent to the point where the soldiers landed and what is now the popular tourist attraction,
Fort Smith National Historic Site. Mary Ann and David McMahon, Sr. renamed our family company and ranch as an homage to our hometown history, and an inspiration to create a “beautiful,” growing, thriving business.

We are continually expanding our cow herd with unique individuals that are structurally correct, functionally efficient, dependably productive and prudently balanced in the essential traits.

Likewise, we are revitalizing the land, water and pastures, and modernizing working facilities
to be more practical, systematic, and safe for everyone – especially cattle.

The dirt work you see is the site of the old, steel working pens at the headquarters, now being
rebuilt to be functional and efficient from the ground up…and that’s what we call “beautiful.”