EXAR Rita 8773

What makes a Belle Point Female?

We are committed to accessing the most progressive female lines in the Angus breed to continually expand our cow herd with unique individuals that are structurally correct, functionally efficient, dependably productive and prudently balanced in the essential traits.

A few things we know for sure…

We embrace performance data and genetic technology, but, first and foremost, we believe that cows and bulls have to be able do their most basic jobs. That’s why we never underestimate the importance of functional traits you can SEE. Veteran AAA Regional Manager Waymon Ashley used to say, “Give me an EPD for shoulders, and then let’s start talkin’ about calving ease!” You’ve still gotta go LOOK at ‘em to evaluate the essential traits that impact functional efficiency.

44 Ruby 73030

Thomas Carol 6331

DCF Chloe 6104

We can’t think of any INVESTMENT that has paid off as well as Angus cattle!

As we continue advancing our facilities, management, and genetics, we invite the people we serve
to join us on the path … and share in our progress.

Mark your calendars for our next production sale May 9, 2020.