A.I. Sires

We value the incredible power of the latest AI SIRES to increase the pace and scope of our genetic improvement.

As we move forward, we are committed to accessing and using the most progressive AI sires in the breed. The most desirable semen is not
always easy to acquire, and it sure ain’t cheap! We are certain these sires are impacting our breeding program, and that you will profit from their influence.

Herd Sires

We put these HIGH VALUE Herd Sires on our “payroll” assigned with a specific job: delivering $$$.

For many years Belle Point Ranch has made a significant financial investment in herd sires bred by the leading Angus operations in the
country – the best brand names. We will continue to acquire, prove and promote our own herd sires, and their herds of origin.

Our herd sires are not considered by us to be “clean-up bulls.” Their role is essential in our practical management system, and they are
very effective producing calf crops that make money.

44 Workday 2206

44 Workday 2206

AAA# 20468103
Connealy Resilient 78L 3-28-22

Connealy Resilient 78L

AAA# 20132629
BPR Reassurance A402

BPR Reassurance A402

AAA# 20283945

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